Elderwise is open to anyone of any age and provides opportunities for people to come together and enjoy one another's company. The group works to integrate the generations within parish life, as well as to enrich our spiritual life through life-long learning.
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2017-2018 Elderwise Lunch and Learn Program Schedule

Elderwise Lunch and Learn programs provide a forum for Trinitarians of all ages, and their guests, to gather together in fellowship. We share delicious meals and enjoy fascinating presentations by members of our community and others. We seek to challenge our minds, enrich our spiritual lives and have fun while we're at it. Elderwise meets in teh Morrison Room from Noon to 2:00 p.m. on the 3rd Thursday of the month, October through May. Vegetarian lunch is served for a requested donation of $10 per person. Please sign up below, on the Events page of Trinity's website or at the Information Wall located outside Kempton Hall. 

October 19, 2017-Protecting the Planet's Climate

Welcome University of Oregon law professor and author Mary Christina Wood. She is well known for advocating use of the Public Trust Doctrine to compel government action on climate change. This revolutionary legal approach is being used in cases brought on behalf of children and youth in the US and throughout the world. Click HERE to sign up.

November 16, 2017-Welcome to Matthew

Come meet our new priest, Matthew Lawrence, Canon for Education, Liturgy and the Art. Learn about what drew him to Portland and his aspirations for his new role as coordinator of adult education programming at Trinity. This “getting to know you” session will leave plenty of time for questions, answers and comments.

January 18, 2018-The English Monarchy, Part 1

Trinity’s own David Coombs returns to tell the history of England through the personalities of the monarchs. This popular series is both enlightening and entertaining. This year we begin the story with George IV through Victoria (from low to high.).

February 15, 2018-The English Monarchy, Part 2

The history lesson continues as David takes up the tale with the reigns of Edward VII through Edward VIII (from “Peacemaker” to “Constitutional Crisis”.) David’s extensive knowledge of and passion for his subject makes this series one of the highlights of our season.

March 15, 2018-Too Much Stuff?

Down-sizing can be down-right daunting. We will explore strategies to separate the wheat from the chaff: how do we identify what we truly want and need in our lives and what on earth to do with the rest? Come along with us for the seemingly endless saga of dealing with our stuff.

April 19, 2018-A Visit to the Garden

Portland’s Japanese Garden is an oasis of timeless beauty and tranquility in the midst of our hectic urban world. For fifty years the garden has brought its ideals of art of craft, connection to nature and the experience of peace to visitors from around the world. Join us for a guided tour.

May 17, 2018-The Season Grand Finale

In what has become an Elderwise tradition, we welcome our beloved Dean Nathan LeRud to the final meeting of the season. Although the topic of his presentation has yet to be determined, he never fails to delight and inspire us with his vision for our life together at Trinity. Not to be missed.